Adventure in Nicaragua

Volcano Boarding

My son, Austin, is attending a university in Costa Rica for a semester. While there, he and his friend, Ben, took a short break for a little side trip to Nicaragua.

I was a little nervous about it when he told us what he was planning. I’m so living in the 80’s still. I remember when Nicaragua was a place that was saturated with rebellion, political unrest, and guerrilla warfare. I guess it’s nothing like that anymore. It has become a very safe place to travel, and a favorite destination for American tourists.

I was pleased that Austin and Ben returned to their homes in Costa Rica safely. They had lots of stories to tell. Better yet, Austin showed us their story. Watch the video below.

They traveled by bus, slept in hostels, played on the beach, went volcano boarding, and released baby sea turtles into the ocean. They visited Managua, Leon, San Juan del Sur, and Playa Hermosa. In all, they had 5 days along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua and Austin proudly admitted that he spent less than $300 (of my money) during the trip.

It sounds like the trip of a lifetime to me. I’m glad Austin had the opportunity to experience it.  I would have loved to share the experience.